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Microplastics found in human blood for first time

A recent study has found micro-plastics in human blood for the first time – was this inevitable? Plastics have become ubiquitous particularly in the food chain where soft drinks, water and innumerable other products that are eventually ingested are packaged in single use plastics. See the Guardian article reporting on the research here.

A leading action group has started a campaign to buy shares in leading manufacturers* so members can raise this at shareholders meetings and try to change the companies policy on using plastic. (Sum of Us)

*I had a strange feeling when I typed manufacturer, not producer, grower or farmer – perhaps this is at the root of the problem – food is produced (and consumed) on an industrial scale and as soon business becomes involved – profit becomes the purpose. Strangely by law directors have to ensure they maximise shareholders profits – so if a process or package reduces the benefit to the consumer or even puts them at risk – if it adds profit there is pressure to adopt.

It will be interesting to see if corporate democracy via the shareholders is more effective than social democracy via the ballot box.

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