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Local Elections

Next Thursday we have an opportunity to vote in local government elections. This is an opportunity to give politicians of all colours feedback on how we think they are performing. All the major parties will look at these elections as a bellwether for the next General Election and will influence their choice of people and policies.

“I never vote.” – Please use you vote, by not voting you are giving away a hard won opportunity to participate in our democracy. You are also give greater power to those radicals who are driving party politics.

“I don’t get involved with politics.” – Wherever people come together we form the communities and relationships, the societies that created the early city states from which the Greek word Politics is derived – literally ‘Affairs of the city.’

So like it or not, you are involved in politics and have the opportunity to make a difference. Please turn out on the 5th May and show our MPs that we do care about our democracy.

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